Monday, December 31, 2007

We Made It To Oregon...

Here we are in a town called Newberg, Oregon.  It is about 20 miles south of Portland.  We arrived at about 6:30 tonight, and I'm looking forward to seeing Oregon in the daylight.  

We stopped at a few places along the I-5 in Washington on the way here, including Seattle Premium Outlets, Village Yarn & Tea in Shoreline, Washington, the Sunlight Cafe in Seattle and Weaving Works. 

So far my yarn experiences have rated a "meh".  I did get to see the Noro Kureon sock yarn and I absolutely hate to say it, but it was really disappointing.  It doesn't feel all that great and it seems a little thick and thin in places.  I may yet buy some though, just to try it.  The sample I saw at Village Yarn & Tea looked surprisingly good.  

We just finished one of the best Mexican meals we have ever had.   We tried a small restaurant called Cancun Mexican Restaurant, and we both ate until we were stuffed and had leftovers and had our salsa bowl refilled and the bill was $10.95!!  Very yummy!  I'd highly recommend giving this place a try if you are ever near Newberg, Oregon.

I am so glad I've got my laptop and wireless internet, so I can jot everything down from this trip before I forget.  The hardest thing about being away is missing the kitties.     

Well, I'm exhausted and I think we'll be having an early morning tomorrow.  We're going to try to go to a couple of yarn stores and a couple of outlet malls tomorrow morning, and after that we'll be heading south.  We're not sure how far we'll go --- Maybe all the way to California!  

More tomorrow.  I'll actually get my camera out tomorrow.  

P.S.  The reason we're staying in Newberg is that the room with a jacuzzi in it was $30 cheaper here than in Portland.  There.  Now everyone knows I'm jacuzzi tub obsessed.  


lexa said...

Jacuzzi tub....

Hope you had a nice New Year's Eve. Happy New Year!

Ilix said...

Hope you are having a great time!