Wednesday, January 02, 2008

From California to Nevada!

We woke up in Redding, California this morning to this not particularly scenic, but inoffensive view from our motel room.  The room was surprisingly not too bad.  

We did a short drive around Redding - and spotted the coolest thing ever ---

Those are oranges growing on a tree in the middle of a parking lot!

We actually really enjoyed Redding.  It seemed to be a clean and friendly town.

A little way past Redding is a town called Corning, California.  They are famous for their olives. In fact, there are olives growing by the I-5 for miles!  

When you pull into Corning, the first building you see is this one---

It's basically a store that is devoted to olives in every flavor possible.  They also have an olive tasting bar that is quite yummy.  We got a jar of pitted Kalamata olives in olive oil, and a jar of Napa wine green olives (made with wine vinegar), and an awesome olive/Corning themed fridge magnet.  I can't wait to crack these open when we get home.

After Corning we made a b-line for San Francisco, and we made it for the early afternoon.  I hate to say it, but neither of us were particularly impressed with this part of California.  We were both really excited to travel to San Fran so we were both quite disappointed to see that it was so crowded and dirty.  

I did get a pretty picture though ---

Before we left, we stopped in at ImagiKnit.  It was a really huge store with a great selection, but the staff was weird.  Really weird.  When I first got in the store one employee asked if I needed any help while simultaneously looking me up an down (seriously, from head to toe - which is really weird at 1.5ft away!).  Then when I had picked up a few things and was waiting in line she came up to me again and asked if I "needed any help while waiting in line".   Seriously weird.   

Once we escaped San Francisco we went through the mountains and finally landed in Reno, Nevada a little after 9:00 tonight.  Here's the night view from our motel room ---

 It's like a mini Vegas with tons of lights and casinos.  

Did you know that Jimmy Beans Wool is located in Reno?  Can you guess where I am going tomorrow?


Karen said...

It's been so cool to hear about your trip every day!! And yeah, that ImagiKnit person sounds SO weird. I'm sure Jimmy Beans will be much better. :)

Emily said...

Jimmy Beans is one of my favorites - I wonder if the store is as well designed as the website. Would you scratch the doggies for me?

Christie said...

Jimmy Beans...they were a lifesaver when I needed a ball of yarn to complete a sweater. Have a great time!

joaniegyoza said...

Glad you and Stu are having so much fun :) I'm really liking this travelogue business too :)

lexa said...

Hittin' Jimmy Beans... That would be great fun, I bet! They've got so much on their web site, I can't imagine seeing it all in person!

beankendall said...

It is so odd having people talk about redding. I have lived here 22 out of my 23 years and am surprised when someone even knows where redding is.