Sunday, February 24, 2008

Portland Nostalgia-ish...

I've been hankering for another trip down to Portland, Oregon for a few weeks now, but since it's not really feasible to go right now, I opted to knit with some yarn from there.

I picked up this yarn at Twisted.  The yarn is Yarntini DK weight and the colorway is Twistini, which is dyed specifically for Twisted.  

This was also a really good opportunity to try two socks on one circular.  I'm only using a 3.25mm 32" Addi and it's a bit tight.  Another time I think I might opt for a 40", but the needle size is about right.
(Redd says "Hi" from his sunny spot on the coffee table)

How I Split the Yarn Into Two Balls---

I wanted to split the yarn in half so I could knit two at a time, but I didn't have a scale or anything, so I had to improvise.  I would all the yarn with my ball winder and swift, then I began winding a ball from the center pull.  Once I thought I was nearing the half way point, I started another ball from the outside end, and wound that until it was about the same size as the first ball.  Then I went back and forth until I had two same sized balls.  

This method worked really well for me, and I will definitely do it this way again.


Karen said...

Love that sock - and that was such a clever method for splitting the hank into two even balls. Redd is so cute too - give him an extra cuddle and pet from me, okay?

Pensguys said...

My friend taught me a clever way to split a ball into 2. Take a hard back book and tape the center pull end to the spine (tie one knot in that end). Take the outside yarn, tie two knots, tape it down a little ways below the center pull. With book on the right side and yarn on the left, start turning book over and over while holding both strings of yarn apart with your left hand. (You have to stop every now and then to straighten out yarn with your left hand.)

When finished, snip in the middle, wind center pull end and you're ready to use that side; wind the outside yarn, then you will have to rewind it again if you want the colors going in the same way when knitting as they 1st ball. Done! :)

Redd is SO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, brilliant way to split the yarn! I have a scale, too, but I've never trusted it to split evenly--must try your way next time I need to split yarn.

Anonymous said...

Also, Redd is precious.

lexa said...

Love that sock yarn, very pretty and cheerful looking! Redd is a cutie. :)