Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Evolution of a Sweater...

Learning to spin has been perhaps the most invigorating thing I could have done to my knitting.

The roving: Colonial Wool Top in Norther Lights

Apparently, a women's sweater does not take 1500 grams of roving to make. It takes more like 900 grams. 

It's a good thing that I am absolutely smitten with this handspun, because it looks like I'm going to have lots of it left over. Honestly, I love this stuff so much that I wouldn't mind an entire wardrobe made up of this.

So here's how it went ---
The is what I wanted it to look like

Sunday March 16, 2008:2:30pm - I picked up 250 grams of Colonial Wool Top in Northern Lights from Birkeland Bros.

9:30pm - Began to spin first bobbin.

10:15pm - Completed first bobbin and realized that this wool had a much different effect than others.

Monday March 17, 2008 -

4:15pm - Began second bobbin and didn't stop until I finished.

6:30pm - Plyed the singles together.

7:30 - Realized that I was in love with this yarn and had to have a sweater out of it.

Thursday March 20, 2008 -

4:30pm - Bought all of the Colonial Wool Top in Northern Lights from Birkeland Bros., adding another 1250 grams to my original purchase of 250 grams.

5:10pm - Spun til midnight.


Friday March 21, 2008 -

6:00am - Awoke early (even though it was a holiday) because I was compelled to spin and ply. Spent the whole day spinning (until we had to go for dinner. Ugh, eating takes up valuable spinning time).

Saturday March 22, 2008 -

6:00am - Spun one more bobbin full, then plied it with another single.

8:30am - Decided to cast on for a sweater out of the handspun even though I still had two more bobbins ready to ply and another 250 grams to spin. Knit in the round from the bottom up, based on EZ's percentage system.

11:00pm - Finished the body in the round up to the armpits.

Sunday March 23, 2008 -

8:00am - Started the first sleeve in the round.

Post-steeking - SUCCESS!

3:00pm - Finished the first sleeve to the armpit and started the second sleeve.

Monday March 24, 2008 -

5:30pm - Completed second sleeve and joined sleeve to body for yoke.

Tuesday March 25, 2008 -

5:15pm - Started yoke.

9:00pm - Yoke was finished, so I prepped for steeking.

Do you know how nerve wracking it is to experience your first ever steeking attempt on a hand spun sweater? I thought I felt chest pains!

It was okay though. All went well.

10:00pm - Started collar.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 -

Knitting sweaters in the round is da bomb!

4:45pm - Finished collar. Picked up stitches on one side for border.

Here it is in all its glory! 

9:15pm - Done!  (minus the buttons and button holes, but I'm going to do afterthought button holes once I find some buttons).

More pictures will follow once it is blocked and has buttons.


Ann said...

All done in 10 days - that's a record & the sweater looks so lovely. I don't think I can knit a sweater in 10 days let alone spinning. Great job.

Abigail said...

I stand in awe of you! You and the sweater are amazing!

leah said...

Wow! So quick and it looks great!

tiennie said...

Fantastic job!!

Karen said...

Wow, girl, you are on a roll!!!! Amazing!!

lexa said...

Holy spinning bobbins! You are Lightning! Well done! Spinning and knitting and steeking hanspun to boot (for the first time?!) -- you are a brave soul. I bow down in awe and amazement. :)

loribird said...

Holy mackerel! You're a spinning madwoman! The sweater looks awesome, and I'm just in awe.

beentsy said...

I'm gobsmacked. You've taken fibre obsession to a fabulous new level. Well done! Gorgeous sweater too! ;)

JessaLu said...

Wow! You're a spinning/knitting fiend!! I'm impressed! ;o)

Esoteric Knitter said...

Awesome sweater!

knitfriendly said...

I am in awe - pure awe. What an inspiration! I am just getting caught up on blog reading for the WHOLE year (been a busy few months) and I am amazed at your progress this year. Way to go! I bought a wheel last year and until now, I have felt guilty purchasing it as I have not used it that much. You have inspired me to get back into it. Amazing - simply amazing.