Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fibrefest 2008!

We had a great time at Fibrefest 2008 in Abbotsford yesterday.  Our time was made even better since we had Caliope (Rav link) with us.  I was happy to have another knitter to chat and shop with, and Stu was happy that he didn't have to participate quite so much.  Caliope also introduced me to Veggiegirl (Rav link) and her adorable little 5 month old son (he's the cute little one watching me spin!).  It's so cool meeting other knitters!   

This year Fibrefest was at the Ag-Rec Centre instead of the huge Tradex like last year, and it was quite different from last year.  It's true that I didn't buy anything but a lemonade last year (technically I think Stu bought it), and this year I did buy a bunch of sock yarn, but still I think it was better last year.  

There were a lot more animals last year, including a llama show, and an alpaca shearing, and angora rabbits.  This year, there were only a few alpacas (they were definitely beautiful, just not plentiful!), two llamas, a sheep and a lamb, and two cashgora goats.  

There were also way more shoppers last year.  

On the bright side, we did get to see some awesome vendors, including Yummy Yarns and Rabbitworks Studio.  This was the first big show for both of these local indie dyers and they both had really fabulous yarns.

Local-ish yarn stores including Fun Knits of Quadra Island and Knitopia of Langley - I think, were also there.  These were the stores I scored my sock yarn from, oh and I also scored some teal lace weight merino from Knitopia.  

I had intended to take a ton of pictures, but really, I only got the one of the Fibrefest sign a few blocks away from the building.  I know, it's pathetic.  I had given Stu my camera bag so I could shop with both hands, and I never got it back from him to take pictures.  Caliope and Stu each got pictures as well, but it was only of me spinning (the most exciting part of yesterday). 

We ventured into the Birkeland Bros. booth to take a look at the spinning wheels, which I have always been curious about, but they've always intimidated me.  The knowledgeable staff showed me how the wheel worked, and I started spinning!  On a wheel!  An Ashford Traveller to be precise.  It took me about 2 minutes before I got the hang of it.  

It was funny, because as I was spinning there were people coming up and saying to the other people they were with, "We'll I'd like to spin, but I'd never be as good as that", referring to me. Other people thought I worked there!  I think I have found my calling!

I am seriously contemplating buying a wheel.  Maybe today.  It could happen.  Seriously.  


Abigail said...

OMG, you look so natural behind the wheel!

Just remember that spinning cuts into knitting time....

That's why you will never see me touch a wheel.

leah said...

My fear with spinning is definately loss of knitting time, but on the other hand it looks fun :)

Ilix said...

LOL I totally walked past you spinning! I would have had no idea it was you, but I am very sure we were in that Birkland Brothers booth at the same time! Way to go on being a natural spinner!
BTW, what sock yarn did you get from Knitopia?