Saturday, April 12, 2008

Found: Best Knitting Reference Book Ever!

I finally got my copy of the Knitter's Handbook by Montse Stanley, and I love this book!

I actually took it out from the library twice and both times I contemplated "losing" it so I could keep it for myself (sshhh...don't tell my mother-in-law who is a librarian for said library).

The main problem I have with library books (other than the fact that they aren't mine and have to be returned which I usually forget) is that I tend to hold them at arms length (and not because of eyesight!).

Because I know the book is not mine, I tend to try not to get too attached and therefore I end up not seeing much of what the book has to offer.  

When I ordered the Knitter's Handbook from Amazon, I knew it had lots to offer, but it wasn't until I had my very own copy in my hot little hands that I realized just how much information this book is packed full of.

Looking for a new way to cast on?  This book has approximately 35 different ways to cast on.

Want to knit with beads? It shows you how to do that too.

Suspicious of selvedge?  How 'bout 14 different kinds? That should suit your every need.

Buttonholes?  Montse shows you just about every kind your heart will ever desire.

Seriously, this book has so much information in it.  It is well written, easy to understand, and contains clear pictures.

I am so glad I picked this book up.  I'm even more glad that I could get it from so I didn't have to steal it from the library (their copy was a little ratty anyway).  

I know that a lot of people are in search of a comprehensive knitting reference book, and I wanted to share how useful I find this book, in the hopes that others will find it to be as much of a treasure as I do.  

It's cheap too.  I only paid $13.57 US.

So, what are the knitting books that you can't live without?


Abigail said...

You have the one that I can't live without.

The best book for the technical knitter, if you know what I mean.

T.M. said...

So far I like the Knitters Answer Book but this one looks like it will surpass it. I will definately take a look at it.

Ann said...

Thanks for the great review. I have yet to find a good knitting reference book - I will to try & get this book.