Wednesday, April 09, 2008

L-A-C-Y It Ain't Got No Alibi, It's Lacy...It's Lacy...

I was bitten by the lace bug this weekend, and its bite compelled the purchase of two Pink Lemon Twist patterns. The Hanami Stole and Swan Lake (aka Mystery Stole 3) are both in the queue now.

This was my first time ordering a pdf pattern of the interwebs, and I love how instant it is. I entered my credit card info then downloaded the pattern. No waiting or anything. The first thing I did after downloading was to email both patterns to my gmail address so I would have a back up just in case.  As you likely know, I haven't knit a lot of lace. I find it requires too much attention and generally causes a whole lot of frustration.

The last lace I knit was the huge Shetland Triangle (Wrap Style) I knit for myself last year (out of fingering weight Koigu). Actually, it was last April.

That's it -- I proclaim that April is for lace! Apparently there is something about this time of year that makes me want to knit lace.

Back to the lace at hand ---

I cast on for the Hanami Stole on Saturday morning, but couldn't work on it all day because we were at the Canadian Health Food Association trade show at Canada Place. The company Stu works for had a booth there. We had a great time, but unfortunately there was no knitting or lace. Generally the only trade shows I will entertain have to at least contain fiber in some form (not the kind you eat!).
I did a few rows on Saturday night, and learned the valuable lesson that you should not work on lace when you are tired. It is not a myth people!

I also realized that I needed some sort of chart keeper to make the repeats clearer. I actually managed to find one for $10 at Michaels. I couldn't imagine using a chart without it now. It makes such a huge difference.

A chunk of Sunday was also spent with Hanami, and I am now 3 rows into the second basket weave repeat. It is looking great, and I am even enjoying the lace knitting process.

My goal is to have this stole finished before all of the cherry blossoms are gone.


lexa said...

I've seen a finished Hanami on a blog awhile back. It's gorgeous!

knitpixie said...

Grrr, you're making me want to cast on for this RIGHT NOW. I've had the pattern and the yarn I want to use for months but I need to knit other things first.

Must resist temptation.

molly! said...

Looks great! I just unearthed mine this week too and I am so close to finishing the sachiko party. I want to knit the falling petals while the petals are still falling here, too!

JessaLu said...

so pretty!

Ilix said...

I have that pattern too! I soooo have to knit it soon! I love seeing the pictures of yours, it will totally be gorgeous (and motivational)