Friday, May 02, 2008

Chart E Finished

It ended up being a bit of a late night last night, but I persevered and managed to finish Chart E of the Hanami Stole. That means it's just charts F and G and I'm finished. The end is officially in sight.

You can see that by the end of Chart E the stole is starting to get pretty holey---

Here's a close up of the holes---

My plan for tonight is to go home, then go up to Starbucks and pick up a Venti Non-Fat Caramel Machiato, plug in some Lime & Violet, and sit my butt down on the couch and finish Chart F before I go to bed, then hopefully I can get Chart G done tomorrow morning and spend the rest of the day yarn shopping.

I've made myself a deal that I'm not allowed to buy any yarn until I've finished this stole, which is difficult, because I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.

By popular demand, here's my haircut ---

I've decided to grow it out for the summer, so it was just a trim -- nothing drastic or anything. I'm really happy with what he did with the color. I'm a blonde again! Er...I mean....what are you talking about? I was always a blonde! Yeah, that's it. Seriously though, my hair is normally dark blonde, so this looks pretty natural.

Sorry the pictures aren't great. I took them yesterday after work, and I didn't really do anything to set up the picture or make my hair look nice.


tiennie said...

Pretty hair color and pretty hanami!

knitography said...

Your Hanami is looking really good! I am still plugging away at the basket weave section - I can't wait to get to the blossoms (just for the change!).

Abigail said...

Both are equally beautiful and I can't wait to see them together.

I'm sure it will be stunning:D

Ilix said...

Wow, that is looking so great! I wish I could keep up with you! LOL
Can't wait to see it done!