Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thoughts on Blogging...

When I started blogging originally, I looked at it as a way to keep track of my knitting projects, and once I started using Ravelry in mid-2007 I stepped away from blogging and just tracked my projects there.

Since stepping away from this blog around that time, I have tracked my projects in a number of different ways, including an audio podcast, videocast, Ravelry, Flickr and Instagram, not to mention my Snappy Stitches blog for a brief period when I was sewing more than knitting (due to a wrist injury). 

Let's just say, I've never stopped tracking. 

A few days ago I was using the neighbour feature in Ravelry, which tells you who you have the most projects and queued projects in common with, and I noticed a few projects I had in common with one person were listed as 'queued' not as actual projects.  It dawned on me that I had a lot of projects from the pre-Ravelry days that I never entered into my Ravelry projects, so I pulled up this old blog with the thought that I'd add some of my older projects into Ravelry finally.

Once I started looking back and reading a few of my older posts (did I really sound like that?!?) it occurred to me that my little knitting blog was about so much more than just tracking my knitting projects and progress - it captured little snippets of my life that likely would have stayed forgotten memories if not for a passing mention couched in that day's (or week's) knitting.

It occurred to me that I liked having this record of the mundane as well as the bigger life events (how much I felt I needed that weekend, that dh had proposed, the first time I magic looped [sometime in 2005 I think], bringing home our kitties).

So I'm back! I'm going to blog again about random life events - the mundane, the spectacular and everything in between!

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