Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weekend Update...

First and foremost, it's exactly one week today until Stu and I tie the knot.

Yesterday was a short day at work, and I left at 1:15. Before going out to do some Christmas shopping, I figured I'd stop by home quickly to grab the mail. I walked in the door just as the mailman was leaving, and he looked at me and said, "215, right?" As soon as I said, "Yup, that's me", he pulled out a package.

I wasn't expecting a package, but I figured since we're getting married, maybe someone sent us a package. When I looked at the customs label and it said yarn, I was really confused. My first thought was, "is it getting that bad, did I buy yarn without realizing it?" I thought about it for a minute, and no, there was no way I bought yarn.

My next thought was, "maybe someone has sent me a bomb." No, that couldn't be it. I don't think I'm that important. Not important enough to be sent explosives anyway. I decided to open it, and the whole time I was really hoping that I wasn't more important than I thought.

Upon opening it I realized that I was important, just not in a bomb sending way.

Abigail from 1870 Pearl sent us a wedding present. It's two skeins of sock yarn.

Words cannot describe how shocked I am by her kindness.

I am very grateful and lucky that I have people like her in my life. We've never met, but I feel like I know her.

Thank you so much Abigail. I'll begin knitting socks for us as soon as the wedding's over.

As far as the wedding goes, it's getting closer. Almost everything has been taken care of so far. I have a 4 hour hair appointment today, which I'm not really looking forward to, but it has to be done.

At this point, all the necessities have been looked after, which is quite relieving.

Last weekend we bought a new bed. For the last 3 years, Stu's been sleeping on his super hard futon in the living room, and I've been sleeping on my "too short" full size bed in the bedroom. We finally got ourselves a king sized bed. We're going to get the frame today. So rest assured, I'll be swearing at Ikea furniture tomorrow. Ikea furniture hates me, and believe me, the feeling is mutual.

It'll all be worth it to have a real living room.

I'm feeling a little cramped right now, since neither of us have had time to clean the house. How do two people create this much clutter. Ugh.

Also, my old bed is lining our already small hallway. We're not really sure what to do with it yet. I think my parents want it back, so eventually it'll end up at their place.

Today's to do list--
  1. Gill's B-Day---Take for coffee.
  2. Acquire bed frame.
  3. Pick up tuxes.
  4. 4 hours of hair.
  5. Pick up veil from parents' house.
  6. Dinner with parents.
  7. Finally decide whether or not I'll wear a tiara.
  8. Wrap Christmas & B-Day presents.
Yeah, we'll see what actually gets done.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

In 16 Days I Will Be A Married Woman...

Why does that give me butterflies in my stomach? I'm sure that all this wedding stuff if getting a little monotonous, but really, there's been no knitting. Only wedding stuff.

My Mom and I went out shopping last weekend and found flowers, a cake, and a strapless bra. Woohoo! I'm so glad to have found a strapless bra. We also found a marriage commissioner. We met with her on Monday, and she is an exceptionally nice lady. We both feel really good about her marrying us.

More good news---The jewellery store called to say that Stu's ring will be in next week, so we'll definitely have it for the wedding.

I have something strange that's been sitting in the back of my mind. When I put my wedding dress on, I feel like I'm wearing a Halloween costume, and it makes me really uncomfortable. Is this normal? I mean, it fits great and looks great, but it just doesn't "feel" right. Do you know what I mean? I think I just feel a bit silly in it. Ya know, women today just don't get a chance to become accustomed to ball gowns.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Things Have Been A Little Crazy Lately....

I've been intending to blog for the last few weeks, and it just hasn't happened. There's been so much to figure out, and very very little knitting. Ok, there's been absolutely no knitting, but I've been thinking about it. That counts, right?

A few weeks ago, we were thinking about doing a big wedding in March. We were going to do it on the 17th, which is the day before our 8 year anniversary. Unfortunately, we were having trouble finding a place to do it, and couldn't get that date anywhere.

We weren't super attached to the 17th, so that wasn't really a problem, but the planning of a larger wedding was starting to get overwhelming, not just financially, but in time and thought as well.

Stu and I are fairly low key, and we were quickly realizing that a big wedding was just not "us".

We talked about doing something smaller, but did not want to disappoint any of the parents involved, so we were going to go with it.

I finally got a chance to talk to my mom last Sunday, and she said she liked the idea of a smaller wedding. I think I said something about not wanting to wait til March, and really wanting to do it near Christmas, when all the pretty decorations are up. My Christmas Eve idea had already been vetoed, so I wasn't thinking that I would get a Christmas wedding.

But Christmas is by far my favorite time of year, so I suggested the 23rd, which just happens to be a Saturday, and Christmas Eve Eve (Yes, I celebrate starting on the 23rd!).

This idea seemed to work for my family, and Stu as well. The next challenge was getting a venue on this short notice. Our first choice was the club that my family belongs to.

My Mom wasn't able to get in touch with the social director guy until Tuesday night, but amazingly they had an opening on the 23rd. (I'm taking this as a sign that it's meant to be).

Venue Check!

Two weeks ago, I found the perfect wedding gown. The store where I got it buys all the sample dresses from the bridal shops in Vancouver, so they've been tried on, but that's about it. It was the first place I looked, and the third dress I tried. It fits perfectly. It doesn't even need alterations. Actually, it's a tiny bit too long, but with heels, it's perfect.

Dress Check!

Last weekend, Stu and I went in search of wedding bands. We looked at a couple of jewellery shops before we found the right ones. Mine has channel set diamonds, and his is stainless steel. It's all shined up, so it looks like white gold, but it's much stronger. We also got my engagement ring re sized, and went to pick up my wedding band, and engagement ring last night (his won't be ready for another couple of weeks).

Rings Check!

Shoes were really holding me up. I was torn between beaded satin that were $200+, and finding a shoe I could wear again. I ventured into the mall on Thursday after work, and in the first store I went into, they were selling 3" high white leather pumps. Apparently, they're super "in" right now. They'll work under the dress (like anyone's going to see them anyway), and they look really awesome with jeans. I can't wait till after the wedding when I can wear them with jeans!

Shoes Check!

There are only a few more things on the list that must be found.

-strapless bra (hopefully will find one today)
-marriage licence (we're going to get it today)
-marriage commissioner (someone to marry us).
-cake (going to find one today)
-flowers (going to find some today)
-book wedding night hotel room

And what would a wedding be without something to overcome?

I was given something to overcome last night. The day after we got engaged, I asked a friend of mine to be my maid of honour, and she accepted. She was so excited. When we told her that we wanted to do a lunchtime wedding, she was less than happy (this was Sunday), and said something about it not being a "real wedding". I was less than happy at this reaction, but I thought I'd give her a day for it to sink in. At this point, I said that if she didn't want to do it she should let me know now, and there'd be no hard feelings. She assured me she wanted to. She called me on Tuesday and left a message for me sounding happy, and excited about the wedding. I returned her call, but got voice mail that night.

On Wednesday night, I found out that she was supposed to get together with Stu's best man to plan a party for the two of us (a Jack and Jill) on Tuesday night, but she never showed up, and just stood up the best man.

When I still hadn't heard from her last night, I left her a text message saying "Did you fall off the planet?". She sent me one back a couple of hours later saying "no, sorry, I've just been really busy". Then, an hour after that, we had just walked into the jewellery store to pick up our rings and my phone started vibrating because I got a text message. I thought it would be her, saying she'd give me a call later (we were supposed to go strapless bra shopping today, and she promised me she'd be there when we made the plans last Saturday). Instead, I got a message saying, "sorry, I can't be your maid of honor" and that was it! W...T...F...????

What?!? I couldn't believe that she text messaged me that sort of thing. Don't you think that's something that should be done in person? So now I'm left without anyone to stand up with me when we get married. I'd ask another friend of mine, but I wouldn't want her hating me too! I wasn't ever even one of those crazy control freak brides. I wanted her to wear whatever she wanted, and not get something she'd only wear once. I was sooo easy going! All she had to do was show up and hold Stu's ring until I needed it! Oh well. It's time to move on.

Must. Move. On.

So, Stu is going to have a very good friend of ours be his best man (and he's being an awesome best man too!!), and then my brother as a groomsman. Here's my thought --- I'm thinking about asking my brother if he'd stand with me instead. I know he'd never abandon me. Even when we were younger and didn't really get along, he was always there for me when I needed him. I'm going to run it by him today.

And what does all of this leave? Me with a touch of insomnia. It allows me to see beautiful winter sunrises though. Notice that there's still snow on the ground? Now, that's not normal at all. I just thought the sky looked really pretty. My camera's pointed south, south west. Apparently, that's where the sun rises now. No, I'm not insane.

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Very Very Quick Update...

Stu and I have decided to get married on December 23rd of this year. Yes, the same December 23 that's coming up in 3 weeks.

More details very soon.