Saturday, December 31, 2005

Guess Where I Was This Morning

I was over at my brother and sister-in-law's house. Do you wanna know why? I have a brand new niece! She was born a little after 6 this morning. She's still being called Baby Blue, because they haven't decided on a name yet.

Isn't she perfect? She's so little and cute, and she makes little squeaky noises! I gave them the hat that I made, and my brother seemed to like it. I think it'll fit her. I wish they lived closer, because I would be over there all the time. I can't wait for my next visit. My parents (the proud grandparents) were funny, because I think they got about 200 or so pictures. It's so much easier to want to knit for a new baby once you've met her. So, I'll be doing lots of knitting today. I love babies!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Things I've Learned In 2005

I know everyone's still waiting for some Christmas pics from me, but I just haven't gotten there yet. For now, I'll give you all/most of the stuff I've learned in 2005....

  • How to knit socks
  • How to finish a pair of socks
  • I have uncontrollable urges to buy more yarn, and there is nothing I can do about it!
  • To increase and decrease competently
  • How to use dpns competently
  • That I hate using dpns
  • The Magic Loop Technique
  • That the Yahoo Sockknitter's List rocks!
  • That I love to knit socks more than anything else (I told this to Stu, and he said, "Well, duh, you're a sock knitter")
  • That Addi Turbos can be addictive.
  • That, hey, I actually am a yarn snob
  • It doesn't look like your stash is that big if you keep it in boxes in the closet.
  • That handpainted sock yarn is perhaps the most pleasing thing to me EVER!


  • It can be frustrating.
  • The cat will become afraid of the drop spindle if it always "drops" in his direction.
  • Unspun fiber is much more bulky than spun fiber
  • I really want a spinning wheel so I can create my own sock yarn.
  • I've never used a spinning wheel, so this may not be the best investment.
  • Even if your spun fiber is lumpy and stuck together, if you dye it with Koolaid, your friends will be impressed.


  • Knitting bloggers are the best people in the whole world!
  • I feel closer to people in Blogland than most of the people I know in real life.
  • When someone says they will post pictures tomorrow, they seldom do (myself included).
  • People actually read my blog!
  • My blog is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and I am eternally grateful for my supportive readers. (Now if only I could get more people to comment!)
  • Blogger eats posts, just accept it!
  • People would rather read a blog with good pictures.
  • I need to improve my photography skills.

General Life:

  • I now know that it is possible to be me, but still complete a Bachelor of Arts degree
  • I never should have gotten a degree in English, it almost ruined reading for me.
  • I had a total of 3 good profs over the course of my 4 year degree.
  • I shouldn't get stressed out and be mean about things that don't matter even to me.
  • Housework is not really all that necessary.
  • I've read one novel for pleasure over the last year.
  • If you bitch and whine enough someone will put together a pool for you to get a new laptop (thanks Stu!)
  • Friends always do insensitive and annoying things, and those are the days to be thankful that you have blogging friends.
  • Things will always work out, so there is no need to make yourself sick with worry.
  • My Mom will always think that I never complete anything, and I should just stop paying attention when she says, "Hey! You actually completed something"
  • The prospect of getting a "real" job terrifies me.

Thoughts On Next Year:

  • I will get a good job that I like, or at least pays the (yarn) bills.
  • I will do more reading (especially books from my favorite authors Sophie Kinsella, and Michael Connelly).
  • I will not take frustrations out on Stu "just because he is there".
  • I will not put undue pressure on myself to vacuum.
  • I will make an effort to spend more time with my family.
  • I will stop wishing that my fish will die so I can rearrange the living room without having to move the tank.
  • I'll get over my shyness and attend a Stitch 'n Bitch or Knitting Meetup meeting.
  • I'll enjoy my new found freedom!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Am The Luckiest Sock Pal On Earth!!!

My secret socks from the sock exchange arrived today!!! We live in an apartment, so the phone rings when someone pushes the buzzer. I slept in this morning, but I heard the phone ring at 10 am. At first, I thought, "Who could that be? I hope it's for Stu, so I don't have to get up". Then it occurred to me that it might be my socks, but I tried not to get too excited in case it wasn't. Then I heard Stu on the phone saying, "Well, can I just come down and sign for her?". Then I was like, O My GOD!! It must be my socks!!!

I got up and he had left the package on top of my laptop, and I ripped into it as fast as I could. My jaw dropped as I laid my eyes on the most beautiful socks I had ever seen! (actually, I restrained myself, and opened the card first, but quickly).

My sock pal is Kathy from Kaffeinated Knits, and let me tell you, she has sock talent like no other knitter! Actually, I must confess, I had been visiting her blog over the course of the exchange, and I was really really hoping that she was my sock pal, because the socks she was knitting for her pal (me!!!) were really pretty. She also included some pretty little stitch markers, perfect for any sock project. These are my first beaded stitch markers, and I just love them!

Kathy reaffirms that knitters really are the best people, because with no colour or pattern instruction, she managed to make my perfect dream socks. I've been wearing them all morning with my pant legs pulled up so I can see them.

The yarn is from Sunshine Yarns in the Sweet Dreams colourway. This yarn is so beautiful that no picture could ever fully do it justice.

Kathy used the Elfine pattern by Anna Bell, and let me tell you, it is the most beautiful lacework I have ever seen. It even looks cool on the inside!

Thank you so much Kathy!! You have made my day, my month, and maybe even my year!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lazy Post-Christmas Days...

I bet you've all been wondering where I've been, or perhaps you haven't noticed, but now that I mention it, you'd like to know.

Stu and I had a wonderful Christmas! I made an effort to keep it low stress, and it worked. I had a busy, but non-stressful day.

For Christmas Eve dinner, we stayed home and had spaghetti with meat sauce (Stu is famous for his meat sauce). After dinner, we stopped by Stu's parents' house for tea and cheese and crackers (Brie, yum!). I got a chance to work on my sock pal sock while we chatted, and Stu's dad was quite impressed with the socks. He said that they were too nice to wear, and should be kept under glass. I think that is one of the biggest knitting compliments I have ever been paid.

Christmas morning was fairly relaxed as well. I slept in til 7:58 am. That's pretty late for me on Christmas morning! I decided that I should let Stu sleep, because we didn't get to bed very early the night before. That lasted til 8:06am, when I couldn't wait any longer. I was too excited! I think my excitement stemmed from the totally awesome gift that I got for Stu. It was a top of the line Phillishave electric razor. He was really happy with it!

He got me a really great Sony alarm clock, which I desperately needed and wanted. I knew about the alarm clock because I was there to pick it out when he bought it, but he also made me a certificate for a Pleco for our fish tank. Our last one had died a few weeks before, and our tank really needs an algae eater.

After our coffee and gifts, we headed over to my parents' house for more presents and breakfast. We had coffee and Panatone.

I got lots of awesome knitting stuff, and I really want to take pictures of the stuff before I blog about it, but lets just say that it was all really great.

I found out that my mom had done most of her shopping for me before I even gave her my list, but she still managed to read my mind or something, because most of the stuff was on my list that she got.

I also found out that my dad entered a yarn store with her (two actually) which I think is pretty cool.

Included in my package was a gift certificate for Urban Yarns, which I promptly spent half of on Boxing Day.

I'll talk about all my fabulous gifts once I have a chance to take some pictures of the stuff.

We had coffee with a few friends on Christmas in the afternoon, where a very close friend of mine gave me a gift certificate to Little Knits . He's still waiting on the code, but as soon as I get it, there will be some internet shopping going on!

We had about 45 minutes to spare when we finally arrived back home before we had to pick up Stu's aunt Lynn and head off to dinner in Horseshoe Bay at Stu's other aunt's house. We arrived at 5:30 and had to leave at 7:00pm to get to dinner at my parents' house.

We managed to get to my parents' house by 7:30ish, and had a nice (second) dinner with my family. My Uncle and his girlfriend/wife gave me the newest Michael Connelly novel (he's my favorite author), called The Lincoln Lawyer. Unfortunately, my parents had already given me the book for Christmas. This double book giving worked out in my favor, because my mom said she would return the book she bought, and I could find another book that I wanted and get that.

I was on tonight and found two books that were, together, around the same price as the hardcover Michael Connelly book, and I talked to my parents and they are going to order me the two books. Can you guess what they are? Maybe what subject? Duh, knitting...and not just knitting--knitting socks!

The first is Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch and the second is Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns by Nancy Bush.

I can't wait to get my hands on them!

On Christmas, we didn't end up leaving until after midnight, so we were pretty tired, especially after our busy day. I think we're still recovering.

I'll try to post again tomorrow with more details and pictures. I'm really tired now, and it's too dark for pictures.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Freed From Christmas Knitting

I spent most of yesterday knitting away on a soft sock. I actually was supposed to finish the second socks to two different pairs. I was starting to get really stressed and not really feeling like knitting anymore, so I decided to brave the heavy rain and wind, and the mall on Christmas Eve Eve.

I had braced myself for the worst, but ya know, it really wasn't that bad. So, now all my gifts are bought, or knit, and I'm ready to sit back and relax and finish my sock pal's sock. I've really been wanting to knit it for the last two days I just haven't had a chance. I think I'm actually enjoying it!

Completed Christmas Tasks:

Presents bought
Presents wrapped
Milk chocolate dried cherry and almond bark made
Dried apricot bark made

Well, at least I've been accomplishing stuff! Is it just me or are all cats totally irritating at Christmas?

Our cat has to get in and crumple every large bag, threaten to destroy all wrapped gifts, tries to knock over all of the rolls of wrapping paper, and eat anything with chocolate in it. I had to put the chocolate bark in the cold oven to protect it from him. He's not getting any less attention, it just seems like he wants to be bad.

He painfully launched off of my back onto the entertainment center on Thursday! Now that really hurt!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I'll probably be back on Monday.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Sorry to make it 3 posts today, but I just checked my grades online after I posted the last one, and I finally got my Medieval Lit mark.

It was a hard course, and I was sitting at a "C-" before the exam. I needed a "C" to get my degree, so I have been physically (and Stu would probably say mentally) ill since I wrote the exam on the 9th. My degree was sort of in limbo for that whole time.

I have never been so happy to get a "C" in my life!! Actually, this is the first "C" I've ever gotten. Go figure, huh?

I just wanted to let all of you in blogland know that I have now completed all of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in English!!

Sorry, I'm so excited that I'm going nuts with the exclamation marks. I probably should have waited to blog until I calmed down. I just couldn't wait!

I Once Thought That A Scarf In One Day Was Impossible...

My eyes can no longer focus because I've been knitting too much, but I have made progress...

This is a gift scarf (the recipient reads my blog, so I can't say who it's for) that I whipped up in the last 24 or so hours.

As soon as I had sewed the ends in, I got it blocking. It took me a long time to figure out where I could block a scarf, especially one that needed a heavy blocking. All of a sudden, using the ironing board came to me this afternoon.

The ironing board is a little short, but I really wanted to widen the scarf to bring out the ribbing, more than I really wanted to lengthen it.

Here are the specs:

Most of 1 ball of Noro Silver Thaw yarn in colour #2 (it's 220 meters long, and is made of 50% wool, 25% Angora, and 25% Nylon). It's really soft and nice to work with. It's the same yarn I used to make my own scarf earlier this month.

I used a 6.5 mm Addi Turbo Circular Needle, and just knit back and forth.

It's done in a 2x2 rib, and I cast on 24 stitches.

If you want to make one, just knit in 2x2 ribbing until you like the length. It's as easy as pie!

Now I just have 2 soft socks to go in 2 days. I can do it, right? Yeah, I know I can!

Did everyone notice my T-Pins? Aren't they cool? It's the first time I've used them, and I had to use all 40 to keep that scarf in place.

Holiday Sock Exchange:

Unfortunately, I haven't worked on my sock pal's sock since yesterday. I only have a very tiny bit left to go, so I'm thinking that it should be in the mail by Monday or Tuesday. Sorry sock pal! I am thinking of you!

I got some good pics of the first sock today, but I don't want to post them until my sock pal gets them, because she reads my blog, and knows I'm her sock pal.

Regarding the sock pal socks coming for me: I am so excited!!! My pal emailed me yesterday to tell me they would be in transit today. I think I may know who my pal is, and if I'm right, I will be soooooo happy. I like surprises though, so I'm trying not to think about it.

I'll post more as more progress is made.

Oh, I almost forgot. The first person I've ever taught to knit has just finished her first project! It's a ribbed scarf for her mom. I think she may have inspired me to do my ribbed scarf!

I don't know if I'm going to have time to make gingerbread cookies before Christmas, but I did manage to make some shortbread cookies a few days ago, so I'll leave you with an image of the cookies.

3 Knitting Days Left Til Christmas

I think I echo most knitters out there when I say OH MY GOD!! The blogland knitters are giving me the impression that I'm not the only one that isn't done. About a month ago I felt like one of Santa's elves, busily making gifts. Now I feel like a sweatshop worker!

I'll be knitting all day, until I meet with a friend of mine this evening, and luckily there are no plans for tomorrow.

I just remembered that I still have to make gingerbread, and dried cherry milk chocolate bark.

Okay, I guess I'm busier than I originally thought.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Very Thoughtful Gift

I just received an email from the BC SPCA that informed me that a donation had been made in the name of out cat, Echo. The donor was anonymous, so I have been puzzling over who could have sent it. It could be anyone I know, since I surround myself with animal lovers. Click here to see the e card we got.

This gift is very special and meaningful to me, since we got our cat from the SPCA, and all little kitties, and dogs have a special place in my heart. In fact, the Petcetera stores all house some SPCA cats and dogs, and every time I'm near a Petcetera I go and visit the animals, giving them a little love and human contact, if only just for a few minutes. I always feel so bad when I leave, because I can't take them all home and give them loving homes.

I find that the days I have my Petcetera visits, I always hug the cat a little tighter. I couldn't imagine him living in a little cage, and I'm so glad we were able to rescue him (even if he does wreck my stuff, and use up a bunch of money on food and litter).

I think the reason that this donation is so touching is because it is such a caring and selfless gift, and for an animal lover, it helps those who I think need it most.

Even though the donor chooses to remain anonymous, their kind act is appreciated, and isn't this type of kindness what Christmas is really about?

I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit yet, but this donation made in our own SPCA cat's name, has put me in it.

This Christmas/Holiday season, remember that there are many animals out there that need help, and if you can, try to make a contribution (in your name, your animal's name, or as a gift) to their care at your own local SPCA or animal shelter. It'll make you feel good.

I wonder is the anonymous gifter will reveal him/herself? If not, and they read this: Stu, the cat, and I really appreciate your thoughtful donation, and we want to thank you very much.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

There Must Be Something Wrong With Me!!

I'm done school, did all the vacuuming yesterday, and I have nothing else that I really have to do, but for some reason I don't feel like knitting. I keep asking myself, "Why the hell don't you feel like knitting?", but I have no answer. It's not that I don't want to knit. I just don't feel like it.

I thought that going up to Starbucks would help me knit, but I don't even feel like going there. Not even the thought of a pumpkin spice latte can get me to knit. And it's not like I'm knitting stuff I hate, or using crap yarn. My options include Fleece Artist merino, or soft socks, Noro Silver Thaw, or Silk Garden, or Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or Chunky or Astrakhan. So, you can see why I'm asking what is wrong with me. I should be in knitter's paradise!

I think I may just have too much knitting to do, and that's making me not want to do any of it. It's also really really dark right now, and it's not even that late.

I thought I'd take a picture to show you just how dark it is inside. Our apartment is usually really bright, because we're facing south-west, so we get all the sun. That doesn't help when there isn't any sun though.

I'm gonna watch TV, and try to muster up some energy to knit. My sock pal is very understanding, but still waiting.

I did drag myself up to the dollar store to get some more yarn needles today. My smallest needle broke in half last week, and I've been meaning to get some more. I really want a Chibi, thanks to Gina at Knit Two Together. Ah, the power of suggestion.

I couldn't decide between the plastic needles or the metal, so I got both sets for $2.25. I love it when stuff is cheap enough that you don't have to make a decision. These needles should keep me going until I can get a Chibi.

God, I hope I have more energy tomorrow. I still have shortbread dough in the fridge that needs to be baked.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Never Thought I'd Finish Early

I finished making my last editing alterations to my final paper on Virginia Woolf this morning. For anyone who doesn't already know, that paper was the last paper I had to finish for my degree. I think I'm in a state of shock or disbelief or something, because I don't really feel anything. I actually feel a little brain dead. I was originally supposed to be done tomorrow, so maybe some excitement will kick in then. I had to take a picture of the envelope that is holding the last paper, so I could properly document it in the blog world. Hey! Ya know what? As soon as my grades are in, you'll never have to listen to me complain about school, and bore you with the details. Although, I do appreciate your listening so far.

I've already started cleaning off my desk, and I can see actual wood! That hasn't happened in a while. I think there's still more yarn on it than there should be.

I want to move on to my new found freedom, but I'm still really worried about my final mark for medieval lit. I think I did really well on the final and the last paper, but I don't have either of those marks back. I guess it's not really that surprising that I'm a bit worried, because 70% of my mark is still outstanding! Gotta love those disorganized markers.

Last night I worked on the sock for my secret sock pal. I'm almost done the first one (I know that sounds really bad, especially since the PAIR is supposed to be in the mail tomorrow, but I think I might be able to get the second one done this weekend).

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Worst Is Over

Yesterday morning I wrote what will hopefully be my last final exam! After studying my butt off, I don't think it was all that difficult, but I'm sure glad I don't have to do it again. I wouldn't say I aced it, but I think I did well.

I want to thank everyone who wished me well on me exams either through leaving a comment, or just thinking it. It's nice to know I have a caring support network from all over the world. Knitters really are the best! But who could argue with that? No one, that's who!

I have one more paper to do this week. It's a 12 pager on Virginia Woolf's novel, To The Lighthouse. I've decided to re-read it, just so I can write a better paper. The week doesn't look too busy, but Friday is going to be killer.

On the agenda for Friday:

1) Paper must be submitted.
2)Dr's appointment in the morning.
3)Secret Socks are supposed to be sent off (like the alliteration there?).
4)It's my Dad's B-Day (don't worry I finished his pressent in September).
5)Gill's B-Day (I finished my shopping for her yesterday).

Doesn't that sound like a busy day? I think it's going to be "good busy" though.

I really hope to get a good amount of knitting done this week as well.

Do you have a minute? I have a story from yesterday that I want to share....

We were driving Stu's Dad's car for the weekend, but had to return it last night, and pick up Stu's car. We arrived at his parents house around 5:30, and said hi to them, but we were both exhaused (and I wanted to do some knitting on my secret sock), so we decided to head home right away.

He unlocks his doors, and realizes that the light didn't go on, then he tries to start the car and .....NOTHING. The effing battery was dead!! Now, I was cold, tired, and wanting to knit, so let's just say I was less than pleased.

We jump started it, using his Dad's car, and got it running after a bit, but then realized that the fan, and windshield wipers, etc. did not work. That meant that we couldn't de-fog the thing. He played around with fuses for awhile, and that didn't fix anything.

He needed to work on stuff from the passenger's seat, so I went and sat in his Dad's car, which still had a little heat left in it from when we were driving it. That heat did not last long. Luckily, I had my sock with me, so I figured I'd work on it for a bit.

It's hard to knit a sock by interior car light! I'm working on the heel, and it is a gigantic pain in the @ss! I've never done toe up before, and it looks like there are a bunch of holes in the heel. I hope they won't show when the sock is done. The really frusterating thing is that I am following the instructions perfectly. No mistakes! Ah, this heel is driving me nuts.

Back to the car story....We were there (out in the cold) for over an hour. I think I'm still cold from it!

I'll leave you with a picture of the cat, cuz he ROCKS!!! or something....

Saturday, December 10, 2005

One Down, One To Go!

Well, the medieval Literature is done, and I am so glad that I don't have to think about it any more!

I have no idea how I did on the final exam. I did my best, answered all the questions to the best of my ability, and I still have this feeling of dread. What more could I have done? I did all the reading, and studied really hard all week.

I'm trying really hard to put it out of my mind, so that's it: as of now, no more thinking about it!

As I probably said already, the Medieval Literature is an SFU course, and SFU is in the next city over (We're all part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) though). We live at one of the furthest points from SFU in all of the GVRD!

We had to drive for over an hour in moderate rush hour traffic. We always have to leave super early, because ya never know how bad traffic will be. It wasn't too bad last night, but we lucked out!

We also wanted to get there a bit early so I could have a chance to find the exam room without being late (like I almost was last time).

Since SFU is at the top of a mountain, and it was freakin cold out last night, we decided to park in the visitor's parkade, instead of our usual spot up the hill. We parked for exactly 3 hours, and guess how much parking was? $8!! For three hours! Unbelievable.

As we pulled in, they have a sign that says cash only, and I didn't have any, so Stu agreed to pay for parking. I think he would have thought twice if he had known how much it would be!

We made really good time home, and both of us were starving, but like good students, we didn't have any food in the house. Stu went up to the Taiwan Beef Noodle House (which is better than it sounds), and got us Wonton Soup, and some Pan-fried Pork Dumplings, which are basically gyoza.

Half way through my soup (and many bean sprouts), I remembered that I was going to try not to eat beansprouts, because people have been getting sick from them. I figured that by the time I noticed it was too late anyway, so I finished the rest off. I just crossed my fingers afterwards that I wouldn't become deathly ill. So far so good!

Anyway, back to dinner. It was so nice to have dinner paid for and brought right to me. Stu said he was trying to be easy on me, because it was an exam day. I'm still a bit full from last night.

The cat is sitting on me and being a royal pain. He seems to want to get into weird positions and then stick as many claws as he can into me while he claims he is balancing! Sometimes he's a pain in the butt.

I just realized that secret socks have to go out on this coming Friday! OMIGOD!!!! How am I going to do it? I don't know, but I'll sure try.

I've got my psyc exam tomorrow morning at 9am. Ya, I know. It does sound like a fun thing to do with a Sunday morning. I definitely need to study hard for that class (final worth 50%+ haven't done much studying). Alright, I'm off to study!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tomorrow Night = Medieval Lit. Final Exam

Yesterday was supposed to be a non-knitting day for me. It's a lot harder that it sounds! Well, I made it 'til 4:55 pm, and then I just couldn't help myself: I just had to pick up the sticks! To give myself a little credit, I did study for Medieval Lit all day. I was supposed to start studying for my psych exam that's on Sunday morning, but it didn't happen. I knit very slowly until I went to bed.

So, psych is on the agenda for today, and I may have to go out to study so I'm not tempted by knitting! I think it was tougher with the Med. Lit. studying though, because the study guide kept mentioning things that were "close knit", "interlaced", and "spinning a yarn". How could I possibly be expected not to knit? No one has that much self control!

I've entered a weird stage of serene calmness regarding my exam tomorrow, then I get moments of sheer panic, because I don't feel like I should be so calm.

It's likely that I won't be posting again until after my exam on Sunday (9am-12pm), but I might. It depends on how much procrastinating I'll be doing.

PS. Thanks to everyone who posted their kind comments on the entry on my brother's B-Day, and my clean date. Your comments are sincerely appreciated, and I love to read them!

You Know It's The Christmas Season When...

You're Vixen!
You are sexy thing, you!

Which reindeer are you?
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Mike

Yesterday was my little brother's 20th birthday. It' s funny, I still think of him as being a kid, but I think I'm starting to get over that.

I knit my butt of on Monday night, and part of yesterday, and managed to get one of the soft socks finished. The ankle's a bit tight, but I'll block it, and it will be much better. The soft socks that I made for myself have stretched considerably, so I'm not worried.

Anyway, I decided to give him one sock for his B-Day, with the promise of another being completed in the next week or so. My Mom was joking that I should give him the other one for Christmas (settle down all you December B-Day people, she was just joking).

I was in such a rush to get the first sock finished, and get a decent amount of studying done yesterday that I totally forgot to get him a card, and as we were rushing out the door, I realized that I hadn't even wrapped the sock yet. I did, however, remember that I saw an Aveda bag with some tissue paper under my bed while I was looking for the concentrator nozzle for my hair dryer, so I grabbed the bag and threw the sock in it, and some tape, and wrapped the sock in tissue paper on the way to the restaurant. No bow or anything! I am so ashamed! I don't think he minded though. On top of everything, I had to take the completed sock back, so I can make the other one the exact same.

My single sock, crappy wrapping, and lack of a card gave me some ideas for things he should ask for next year:

1) A sister who is more on the ball.
2) Wrapping paper on his gifts.
3) A card.

Hopefully next year he will get all three.

We did have a really nice dinner at The Cannery. It was on the water, and the carol ships circled out front while the restaurant put on a fireworks display on their dock. I had Lobster Bisque as an appetizer, which was totally amazing, and I even had a piece of lobster in it! Yummy. My main course was Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes, followed by Creme Brule for dessert. Needless to say, I was pretty full. We didn't get home til 1am, because we went back to my parent's house for presents, so I'm tired today.

I think I mentioned this in the 20 things about me meme, but I used to have a, um, major drug problem, and my "clean date" just happens to be my brother's birthday. I have 7 years clean as of yesterday. My parents like to celebrate that too, so I always get a card and I little gift from them. Blogger isn't cooperating with picture placement right now, so the silvery box above it what held my gift. When I opened it I found this inside:

Isn't it pretty? It's got little purple gems around the pink stone. I love it!!

I've come to the conclusion that I need more shirts that have a lower cut so people can see it when I wear it.

Alright, I'd better get back to studying. I'd rather be knitting.

Monday, December 05, 2005


I got carried away knitting socks for my secret sock pal, and the time really got away from me. The good news it that my sock groove has come back, and I'm no longer feeling incompetent! I'm just about to start the heel of the first sock on my sock pal's sock. I think she's gonna love them!

Anyway, the "oops" comes from my losing track of time. My brother's birthday is tomorrow, and I had planned to knit him a pair of the Fleece Artist Favorite Soft Socks. Yeah, um, I haven't started yet! So, I am going to attempt to turn the lovely yarn in the picture into socks by tomorrow night, and I haven't even wound the yarn into a ball yet. Here's the kicker: I can't start on them until tonight, because I have a final exam on Friday night, and another one on Sunday morning, and I absolutely have to study all day today. I also can't knit tomorrow during the day (because of the studying), unless I set my alarm for super early. Oh, and his feet are a little over 11 inches long! So, I may be tired for the next few days.

Has everyone seen the Winter 2005 Knitty already? You absolutely have to check it out. I want to make almost everything in it!! And have you seen the socks? Wow. I have to make them! I just can't help myself. And I love the little creatures. They are so adorable!

Did you hear that this is the last season for 7th Heaven? My Monday night brain candy will be no more. I mention this because I always watch it and knit every week, no matter how crazy things get. It's a nice break from reality :)

Anyway, I should get to studying. Wish me luck with the socks for my brother! I'll keep you posted on how long it takes me to finish the pair. Yes, I know I'm ambitious. I hope you all have a more relaxed Monday than I'm gonna have.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's A Scarf

I finally wove the ends of my Noro scarf in this evening, and I got a few pics of me wearing it, so I thought I'd post them. Oh, and it's snowing again, so I was sure glad to have a nice warm (and very fashionable) scarf on. My mom said the colors reminded her of a Mexican poncho. I'm not sure how I should take that. Um... I guess I'll consider it a compliment.

Oh, and for the first time ever my little brother (who I constantly feuded with through out both of our childhoods) paid me a very nice compliment today. I always weigh myself when I'm at my parent's house, because I don't have a scale, and when I came out from weighing myself, I announced to my Mom that I'd lost another half pound or so, and my Mom said that she thought I was looking thinner, and my brother said, "Yeah, your looking skinny". That's a really big compliment coming from my brother, because, well, first off he's my brother. Second, I've always considered him to be the thin, muscular, good looking one. There were points in the past where I thought he didn't want to hang out with me because he was embarrassed about my looks. I was just reading this paragraph back to myself. Yeah, um, I'm just going to put on a display of my low self-esteem for a minute. Ok. I'm done now.