Saturday, December 24, 2005

Freed From Christmas Knitting

I spent most of yesterday knitting away on a soft sock. I actually was supposed to finish the second socks to two different pairs. I was starting to get really stressed and not really feeling like knitting anymore, so I decided to brave the heavy rain and wind, and the mall on Christmas Eve Eve.

I had braced myself for the worst, but ya know, it really wasn't that bad. So, now all my gifts are bought, or knit, and I'm ready to sit back and relax and finish my sock pal's sock. I've really been wanting to knit it for the last two days I just haven't had a chance. I think I'm actually enjoying it!

Completed Christmas Tasks:

Presents bought
Presents wrapped
Milk chocolate dried cherry and almond bark made
Dried apricot bark made

Well, at least I've been accomplishing stuff! Is it just me or are all cats totally irritating at Christmas?

Our cat has to get in and crumple every large bag, threaten to destroy all wrapped gifts, tries to knock over all of the rolls of wrapping paper, and eat anything with chocolate in it. I had to put the chocolate bark in the cold oven to protect it from him. He's not getting any less attention, it just seems like he wants to be bad.

He painfully launched off of my back onto the entertainment center on Thursday! Now that really hurt!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I'll probably be back on Monday.

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Luquee said...

That pesky feline! :P

Hope you had a great x-mas!