Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've Picked My Next Project!

This is the Renaissance pattern from Rowan. I've been looking for something to do with my 20 balls of Rowanspun Aran, and this project jumped out at me. I've got 10 balls of a lighter blue, and 1o of the darker blue (I think it's called midnight).

I'll try to snap some pics as soon as I start. It probably won't be until the weekend though. I've been itching to do some more fair isle type stuff for a while. Although, I think this is more intarsia like (at least that's what it says in the pattern).

I've got a project on the go that I've been keeping from you... Well, not purposely, but I just haven't mentioned it. I only started on Sunday.

I'm using the sock yarn that my SP7 pal gave me. It's Lorna's Laces in Girly Stripe. I have to say that I would not have, in a million years, ever, have picked out this color for myself, but I absolutely love it! I love the color so much!! Thanks again secret pal! No pics yet, but soon.


Cutie said...

Looks awesome Chrissy!!! I can't wait to see it being knit! Hope to see you at a meetup soon :)


Karen said...

Wow, that sweater is quite an undertaking. I can't wait to see progress pics - impressive!!!!

ariane said...

Wow, that's beautiful, can't wait to see your progress.

KnittenKnots said...

What a beautiful project!!