Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood, A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood, Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da

When I wake up an there is blue sky and the sun is shining, I always seem to get the Mr. Rogers theme song stuck in my head. It doesn't really bother me anymore, it just adds to the sunshiney happiness.

Boy am I glad it's Saturday! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but a girl needs a Saturday, and I think I was ready for mine on Tuesday. I'm quite proud of myself for getting through the week. Apparently, I'm doing such a good job, that the "higher ups" want me to start training on computer stuff, so I can enter stuff in. Originally, they weren't going to train us on that, but we've caught on so quickly to everything else, that they don't want us to get bored and leave. Isn't that great? One of my bosses came down to tell us that yesterday morning, and I have to say that I was really excited. I'm considering it a promotion. 3 weeks and a promotion. Do you believe it? Unfortunately the pay isn't any better though. I've heard that it's usually 6 months, then a raise. That would be good.

Just to let you know, the co-worker I was talking about before, and I are working really well together now. We make a great team. I'm so glad that we can work together in a super productive way.

Since Fridays are casual, I decided that I needed a nice pair of jeans (instead of my too short and worn out ones), so I went to the Gap after work on Thursday, and found two pairs that I really liked. By the way, I've dropped a whole size and a bit since I started working. Working is so much better than school! So, I now have awesome jeans, and I have to say that I looked totally hot yesterday.

Ok, so there has been some knitting going on this week. On Sunday, or was it Saturday night, I cast on for another pair of Falling Leaves socks from, and I've been working on them on my breaks and on the bus all week. I wanted to take some good progress pics this morning, but my camera battery died, so the pics aren't fabulous. I'll share this one with you anyways, because it give an idea of how much I've gotten done.

I'm really happy with them so far, because they fit perfectly, and they are such a pretty color. Mmmm....Sunshine Yarns....

Anyway...I'm hoping to finish them off today, but I have a ton of housework to do today, so it may not happen. The only housework I've done in the last three weeks is clean the tub, and I swept the kitchen floor this morning. Amazingly, the house doesn't look that bad.


Luquee said...

Your socks look great and congrats on your "promotion". Do you get a raise too?


Elaine said...

Those socks look great! I haven't tried that pattern yet - is it quick to memorize?

Cutie said...

I luuuurve the socks! And I am so happy that coworker and you are getting along... and the new jeans (love it!) all that and a promotion too!!! YAY Chrissy!

I hope to see you at the knitting group next week. I am missing this one, cuz its Valentines Day.