Thursday, September 07, 2006

Are You Ready?

Alright. Here's the awesome stuff my pal sent me!

Again, a pretty ribbon on the box---

Look how well coordinated everything is---

The paper on the card, the box, and the tags all match! I love these little tags my pal makes. They will be perfect for gifts.

Look at these goodies!
The flowery looking stuff at the top is for the bath. I'm glad I read the instructions, or I probably would have tried to drink it!

You put the stuff in the baggies into the linen bag, and put that in the tub, and you can rub the bag on your skin to make it soft, and smell super nice.

I'm not going to tell you what's in the box yet, cuz it's really cool, and just happens to be the last thing I opened.

My pal also included some treats. This is funny, because I was in 7 Eleven when I picked up my package, and I wanted some sour candy, but couldn't find any that appealed to me. I was also looking at the candy necklaces. My pal seems to be a mind reader ;)

And what you've all been waiting for! The yarn---

She sent me some fabulous Knit Picks lace yarn in three different colors, and different patterns for all three. These patterns look great. They really spell everything out. You can see them behind the yarn. I can't wait to start!

Now for what was in the little box---

These are some very pretty stitch markers. The beads are beautiful. I love the colors. Super pretty! They're about an inch or so long. These are perfect since I didn't have any pretty beaded stitch markers that I could use on larger needles.

Are you ready to see who my secret pal is??

She goes by "S", and here blog is Knitting Battlemaidens. Go check her out. She is an amazing crafter.

Thank you so much secret pal for making SP8 fabulous for me.


aquaknits said...

Great stuff! Gorgeous stitch markers, really unique and pretty. Congrats!

knitfriendly said...

I love those stitch markers. The colors are gorgous!! I have signed up for SP9 - I am super excited because I have not participated in one yet. I am looking forward to it! :)

S said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! It has been very fun spoiling you. Take care.


Dipsy D said...

Wow, what a great package! You really got spoiled - I especially love the stitch markers! Now, that was worth the wait, wasn't it?

keri said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

What a fun package, and you got lucky with such a wonderful pal.