Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm Bored...

Do you remember those childhood sick days? Didn't they totally rock? What is it that happens when you become an adult that ruins sick days? I think it's probably all the responsibilities that don't leave you alone when ill.

Anyways...I'm getting sick of being sick, and the boredom has definitely set in. Although, I think I might be a bit better, but "a bit better" isn't great. I can still only be up and about for about 10 minutes before feeling absolutely exhausted, and I have a wicked cough.

I decided that I had to be productive yesterday, so I did my taxes. I don't owe anything, but it didn't make me feel much better.

Stu and I watched Brokeback Mountain last night. I figured I should see it, since everyone else was seeing it. Apart from the lack of plot, we both thought it was a nice love story. I guess we're pretty liberal in our views, because we didn't think it should have been all that controversial. That's what you get for living in Vancouver. The only problem I had with it was that it was really sad. I hate sad movies. I think we're going to watch Fun With Dick and Jane today, to balance out the sadness from Brokeback Mountain. I actually wanted to watch Fun With Dick and Jane yesterday, but Stu insisted on Brokeback Mountain first. My somewhat witty response to this was "I wanted to watch Fun With Dick and Jane, and you just want to watch "Fun With Dick!" Ha! Do you get it? Fun with Dick! I thought it was funny. I have been told that I have an "interesting" sense of humor.

I'm going to try to get the first Baby Bolero sleeve completed today (I'm about half way through), and I might post pics after that. I might, however, wait until I'm done the second one too. Regardless, there should be some progress pics posted by tomorrow at the latest.

I don't know if you know this, but we're coming up on birthday week. Most of my family was born in April. Just to name a few, my big bro's b-day (nice alliteration, huh?) is on the 19th, followed by my mom on the 21st, and mine on the 27th. My nephew's b-day is also on the 27th. I'm someone who gets super excited about my b-day, so there will be more on it I'm sure.

Happy Easter!


JessaLu said...

*I* think it's funny ;o)

And I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain - mostly because it's a sad movie and I'm not so good with the sadness.

Luquee said...


I'm sorry your still so sick. :( A couple of months ago I was just as sick as you are and I ended up loosing 5 POUNDS because I had no appetite. In a way, it was worth it :P

Oh, and your "Fun with Dick" comment was really funny. I chuckled out loud! :P

Karen said...

I thought your joke was funny too!!

Now hurry up and get well before your big birthday week, okay? I'll send you healthy thoughts. :)