Monday, June 19, 2006

Okay, The Fruit Salad Is Made!

We've got a potluck lunch tomorrow at work, and I signed up for the fruit salad. I grocery shopped yesterday, but I remembered today that I needed some watermelon for my salad. Anyway, it's done!

I have bad news on the sock front. The first Friday Harbour sock from Knitting on the Road has been completed, then frogged. Stu's mouth actually dropped open when he found out I had frogged it.

There were a few problems with it. First, I made the foot too short. Yes, I know that could have been fixed. Second, I didn't think the lace looked very good while on the foot. It wasn't as crisp as I would have liked. So that was frustrating.

I'm taking a few days away from sock knitting while I crochet granny squares. I taught myself how to do the double crochet, then I picked up The Happy Hooker on Sunday, and learned to do granny squares. I've tried to learn to do these before from several different sources, but have never had ANY luck. This book was amazing though, because I got it on the first try! I'm going to make an afghan.

To go with my alter ego crocheting self, I picked up some acrylic yarn from Michaels on Sunday. It's in pretty pastel colors that look like icing or something.

No, I have not been kidnapped and forced to buy acrylic yarn and spend my time crocheting. I'm just trying new things! I know, it doesn't sound like me at all!

I'm going to be posting my sock kit questionnaire today or tomorrow (likely tomorrow), but it might show up as being posted before this post.


Lynette said...

Acrylic does great for big blankets that may need washing :) I use it for mine!

Luquee said...

This may shock you but I primarily knit with ONLY acrylic! Sinful I know, but it's all I can really afford, I love the variety of colors and duribility, and I hate the smell of natural fibers. Every now and then though I'll buy a great ball of something natural. :)