Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back To School

Well, it's back to school for me today. It's kind of a strange "back to school" though, since all my classes are through distance ed. I barely had a break, and I am definitely not ready to go back yet. Unfortunately, I have a paper due next Wednesday, so I have no choice but to get started quickly.

Today I will be beginning to read The Book Of Margery Kempe in Middle English. Call me crazy, but I utterly detest Middle English, and I'm taking a whole course in it. I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of procrastination knitting going on this semester.

The house is still a disaster, but I did manage to clean the oven at about 11pm last night. It looks way better. I love starting the school year with a clean house, so I'll have to incorperate cleaning with school for the next little bit.

On the knitting front there is good news. I have finished both front pieces for the reindeer jacket. The first side went smoothly, but slowly, and the second side went quickly until the pattern decided to stop making sense. I must have lost track of my rows or something. I was keeping really good track though, so I think it was a flaw in the pattern. I did manage to get it finished, and have the pattern stay the same as the first side. This may sound weird, but I think the wool is buffing my nails as I knit. Has anyone else experienced this?

Next on the agenda is sleeves....but not until I finish my book and the essay to go with it. Or, more likely, until I want to procrastinate. Man, am I a bad student or what? First day of school and already thinking about procrastinating.

I hope to post some reindeer "front" pictures later today. The light just sucks right now.

Have I mentioned that I hate distance ed? I finished high school this way, but the first 2 years of my degree were spent in a classroom. I much prefer it. It's not that I'm not self motivated. I always get everything done early. It's just that you can meet new people in a classroom, and it's more fun, and significantly less work. I'd say, from my experience, distance ed is about three times the work as being in a classroom, because you have no idea exactly what you must know.

Also, friends seem to think that since you're home, your not busy, and can take a break whenever you want. It's like people don't seem to think that I ever do anything. I work hard. I had a conversation the other day that went like this:

Friend: What are you up to next week?

Me: I have tons of school to do. It's going to be really insane. I'll be starting Medieval Lit, which is really difficult, and I have to read a full length novel for it, and write a paper on it. And that's only for 1 of my 4 classes.

Friend: Sounds good then, so you'll be home. Lets hang out. But I can't do anything at, blank, blank, blank time, because I'm busy. I'll be at school.

I hate these conversations. They drive me insane. Talk about feeling like what you do is the absolute most unimportant thing ever!!

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