Monday, September 12, 2005

Burns Bog Is Burning

Burns Bog has been burning since yesterday at 4pm. We were able to smell smoke last night from our place in Marpole (which is quite a fair distance away from the fire). This morning when I woke up, I had killer asthma, which I thought was strange, but paid no real attention. Shortly after, I went out on the deck to our freezer to get some cat food out, and I noticed that everything on the deck, including the deck itself, was covered in a dusting of ashes! Now the asthma makes more sense, since I was sleeping with the window open. I guess I'll be spending the day inside today.

On a nicer note, Stu and I had dinner with my parents, my brother, and their next door neighbors last night. It was a really nice meal, and excellent company. Dinner at my parents' house is always nice, but it was good to have the neighbors there as well. They have the sweetest little girl. The only bad thing is that they are moving away in November. I can't believe it! My parents finally get some really nice neighbors, and then they move. I hope the people who move in after are as nice as these people.

I was also multitasking last night, since I took the opportunity to wash my new jeans while we were eating. I got them from the Gap about a week ago, and they were about a foot too long, but a really nice dark indigo blue color. After they came out of the wash, they were almost the right length. I never thought a pair of jeans would shrink 6 inches with one wash. Now I'm really glad that I didn't go with the shorter ones. I think that as long as I wear them with heels, I don't need to get them hemmed. Did I mention that I suck with anything to do with thread, and that includes using a sewing machine (even though I have one!!).

I knit three rows last night when I got home from dinner. I was really tired though. It's been hard finding the time and energy to knit in the last week. We've been out almost every night, and I've been forcing myself to work on school during the days. The only time that is left for knitting is late at night, and since I've been getting up so early to work on school, I never really get much done.

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