Saturday, August 20, 2005

Baby Blue Hat

About 8 months ago, I was saying to Stu that it was too bad that no one we knew was having babies, because baby stuff is easier to knit, because it's smaller. Well, my wish was granted, and my brother and sister-in-law are expecting their fourth baby in December!! I decided on a hat, but couldn't find a pattern that I liked, so I am winging it. So far, everything is going very well, and wow, does this yarn photograph well.

I'm using 100% merino wool that I got from Birkeland Bros. Wool on Main Street. We don't know if the baby will be a boy or a girl, hence the yellow.

I knew that I wanted the rim to roll up slightly, so I began in Stokinette stitch, and decided to throw in random purl rows for some texture. This is a super easy hat to knit, and it is going so quickly. I think I might make some cute little yellow socks to go with the hat. More pictures to come as I progress.

I think I might take a small break to start on a poncho for myself. I am totally poncho obsessed. I think it was from Carrie wearing them on King of Queens last year. They looked so great on her. I have been in search of the perfect poncho pattern, but no luck yet. I think I'll have to improvise. Everytime I mention anything about a poncho, Stu laughs at me (which is quite frequent). I've definately got ponchos on the brain!!

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