Friday, August 12, 2005

The Weirdest Thing Happened...

The strangest thing just happened to Stu and me. I spent most of the afternoon at my parents' house, after my mom's phone call to me this morning to inform me that my school books for the fall had arrived with the mail. She also reminded me that it was my grandad's birthday today (he's 82, ya know).

I left my parents around 3:20, and headed off to pick up sushi for an early dinner from Sushi King House (it's the best!!!). Around 4 ish we got to eating, and after our meal, we were hanging out on the futon, watching tv and relaxing when my mom called me at 5:40pm. She told us that my grandparents had stopped by, and that we should come over for cake if we wanted. Not wanting to pass up good cake, we peeled ourselves off of the couch, and drove to their house.

We came up the stairs and my mom was standing there. I asked her where grandad was, and she said "They just left." I was like, what? I thought we were having cake. She said that my grandma started getting angry that my dad had been working on the neighbour's fence, when he had not finished remodeling her kitchen. I wouldn't want to remodel it either, with her standing over me yelling in my face... So then my grandad, a very nice man, says to my mom, "I think we better go." She said to him"Chrissy and Stu are on their way over, and Mike (my brother), will be back in a minute, he has just gone to get your birthday cake." (from the most expensive, and best bakery in town, Sweet Obsession on 16th Avenue. So then my mom says the same thing, and my grandma's response, in perfect "my grandma" form, snaps, "We HAVE a cake at home," and proceeds to leave.

Little did Stu and I know, they had just gotten in their car when we pulled up, so we missed them completely!! I was hoping to say happy birthday to my grandad. All I can say is LUCKY US!!!!! We are very fortunate that we did not walk right into that shit storm.

We had cake anyway, and it was really good.

With all of the impromptu cake having, I haven't ended up knitting tonight like I had planned. I actually was just about to start it when my mom called.

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