Friday, August 19, 2005

Blocking...Yes, Still.

I was under the impression that blocking was a 24 hour process! I made sure to get as much water as I could out of the cardigan before I shaped it, but still, it's been sitting on a towel (this is towel #2, since I changed for a dryer one last night) since Wednesday evening. Just to be clear here, it sat for Wednesday night, all day Thursday, and it is now Friday morning...and it's still not totally dry. Unfortunately, it IS dry enough for the cat to want to make a bed out of it, so he sits there, beside it, and tries to tear stitches up!! Sometimes he makes me furious!

Here's a funny buttonhole story...

I am using a pattern that called for much bigger yarn than I was using. I figured out the proper ratios right away, and everything went very smoothly(except for some confusion over an increase row, but I figured it out eventually). My last knitting step in this cardigan was to put a band running down the front of the sweater, and to make this band contain button holes. My one minor alteration was to move the top buttonhole a little higher up on the neckline. I divided up the stitches, and figured out that I needed to add a buttonhole every 17 stitches to end up with 6 buttonholes. Now, I guess I must have mistakenly divided my total number of stitches by 7 or something, because, after I was done the buttonhole strip, I decided to count my buttonholes, and to my dismay, there were now 7 holes.

This little accident would not have been a very big deal, but I had already bought the buttons from Fabricana, and I happened to buy their last 6 of this design!! I am going to see if they will order some more in for me. I've checked the internet, and haven't been able to find any. The only problem with going to Fabricana, is that I will have to convince Stu to drive me to Richmond, not one, but two times, since, after ordering, I will have to go get the buttons once they are in.

I've never tried sewing buttons on with yarn before. I have however tried with thread, and I suck at it!! You can tell I've just sewn a button on, because I will be the one with the missing button!! I guess I'll just take it slow and do my best.

With the rate my cardigan is drying, I may never have to worry about adding buttons.

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