Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Don't Make Fun Of My Poncho

I mentioned before that Stu (my fiance) makes fun of my poncho obsession, and apparently my brother Mike shares the same views. Last night, the two of them were having a conversation on MSN Messenger, and of course the poncho thing came up after my brother checked my blog. Here's how it went:

mike says:
where exactly do u wear a poncho?

Stu says:

This is the attitude I have to deal with. I actually found this little bit of the conversation VERY funny. For those who like ponchos, we simply roll our eyes, those who don't, agree.

I find people's different takes on fashion trends very interesting. I am looking forward to wearing my first poncho, since I wasn't around the first time they were "in".

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Ariane said...

Don't fret! My husband is fed up with my scarf obssesion! He believes that Californians look stupid in them and they should only be worn in freezing temperatures! It's true though...I actually never wore any of the scarves I made!