Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Sweater, and Other Happenings, Mostly the Latter

I've got a final exam coming up on Sunday for Modern Canadian Theatre. I think I'm prepared, but I could spend all day, every day and still not be sure. I guess that's the joy of a final!! Avoidance works best.

I'm still waiting on grades for Lit. of British Columbia, and The Publishing Process (which was a really good course, very interesting, and very informative). I hope they come in soon, cuz I keep panicking and thinking that I must of really bombed them. Hopefully by Monday at the latest.

I'm meeting my now former employer for lunch today. I used to walk her dog once a week, until they decided to "outsource my position, downsizing the company, and laying me off", in other words, they've decided to go with a company, because I'm not available enough. It's best for both parties. They'll probably get better rates, and more availability, and I'll have more time to spend on school, and knitting. Also, I won't have to trek all the way across town once a week. At $4 for bus fare, an hour there an hour back, and two hrs with the dog, I was making $4 an hour. Like I said, it's for the best.

I have attached arms to my knitted sweater, and I hope to put some pictures up today. I've never done arms, but they look like they are supposed to, so that's a small personal victory!

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