Sunday, August 21, 2005

Good Poncho Progress

I knit, and knit, and knit yesterday, and made excellent progress. I am knitting from the neck down, and the lacey looking decorative pattern will be front and center when it is completed. I created that look by dividing the number of stitches in two, and at the 2 "ends" I increase 1(M1), k1, increase 1(M1). WOW, do the stitch markers ever make things easier (it's my first time using them). Oh yeah, every row or two is an increase row. Like I said before, I'm winging it!! Wish me luck. Hopefully I will get enough done today that I will have more good pics tomorrow. I really need a longer circular needle, things are pretty cramped.

I'm supposed to be reading a bunch of Virginia Woolf, but I really don' t feel like it, and I would much rather knit. I can't wait until I am not a student anymore. Life will be good. I'll read nothing but patterns, and brain candy. I think I'm just feeling bitter, since I have 5 Virginia Woolf novels to read in the next week (I was supposed to be done already).

I get so much knitting done when I'm procrastinating!

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