Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Baby Blue Update

I have decided to scrap the yellow merino wool hat. It just isn't knitting up into a hat very nicely. And it's really frustrating. I think it might make some good socks, or legwarmers, maybe?

I had to go out to Chapters to return a book today, since when I got home from buying it in the first place, I found it on the Chapters website for $20 instead of $30 (which I paid at their store). So, I decided I would return it, and re-examine buying it at a later date.

I decided that I had to go to another great yarn store in Vancouver (there really aren't that many), called Homecraft Importers. They're usually pretty hit or miss, but I gave them a try anyway, to see if they had any suggestions about what to make for Baby Blue. They did...and that's when today got more expensive.

This it getting kind of embarrassing. I'm not used to other people knowing exactly how much yarn I buy. It's a sickness I tell ya! A sickness!! Oh well, it's too nice to hold against me (not literally).

I have it really well justified though... I deserve this yarn because:

1) I didn't allow myself to buy yarn for about 3 weeks in June (it was supposed to be til the end of summer).

2) I got good grades that I could have worked really hard for.

3) I don't know when the next baby will be, so I should shower this one with gifts.

4) I got exercise from walking from the bead store to the yarn store.

5) My Visa's not due til October.

6) I've recently started to actually use my hoarded yarn.

7) I returned that book at chapters, so that $30 is "bonus money".

Etc, etc, etc.... You can see how I end up with so much yarn.

Oh, and of course, I needed to buy a booty pattern, and I didn't have the right size of double pointed needles at home. I love new knitting related stuff. It always feels like Christmas when I come home from a yarn store, even if I only buy one thing.

My bootie---

Isn't it beautiful! The yarn is actually more of a periwinkle blue that the pic shows.

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