Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wow!! There's A Lot Going On Today!

There have been actual events occuring today. Well, for me anyway. I now have two of my three grades in, and I got an A- in Intro to Publishing at SFU. I also got a B in Literature of B.C.. I was really excited about that, because I put no effort in. That's not totally true, I put effort into knitting a cardigan while I should have been studying, and all I actually did for the final exam was make sure I knew all the titles and authors. I am EXTREMELY lucky! My student friends hate me for it. I hope my luck doesn't run out before I'm done school, 'cause I'd be screwed (4 courses to go!).

I have an update on my poncho progress, even though I didn't spend much time knitting today (maybe 30min this morning).

I was out galavanting! I have lots of good pics, so I'm gonna post them seperately. For now, here's the poncho---

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