Monday, January 16, 2006

Sock Frustration

It's been days, hasn't it?

I've been casting on for socks, knitting and inch or two, then frogging them, because they just didn't look right, or perfect, to me. I think I was just picking the wrong yarns for the wrong patterns.

I cast on for Jaywalker yesterday morning, and I was so pleased with myself, because I finally found a perfect match between pattern and yarn. I was using the Winter Berry color from Sunshine Yarns. This color is so beautiful that it makes my mouth water!

The picture is about half of what I got done yesterday.

Why has no one mentioned that Jaywalker is the easiest pattern ever? I would have tried it a lot sooner if I had known that it was going to be so simple. I only needed the instructions for the first pattern row. After that, I didn't have to haul a piece of paper around with me.

So seriously, I did about 6 inches on Jaywalker, and I was so happy with it, and it looked so beautiful. Just before I was going to start the heel, I decided to give it a try on. I couldn't believe it---I couldn't get it over my foot! There was no amount of stretching that would have made it fit, so I had to frog it.

I couldn't believe that my whole day's work had to be frogged! I couldn't bring myself to cast on again last night, so I think I'll cast on again today. There will be lots of measuring and trying things on today! Hey, notice how nice and perfect all the stitches are in the picture below? That's part of what made it so difficult to frog.

I have to mention that I am feeling very flattered by "the other Chrissy" (I also think it's funny that when I say that piece of quoted material, Stu and my Mom both know who I'm talking about!). Anyway, the rest of you probably know her better as the Knittin' Mom. She left a comment for me yesterday saying that I was part of the inspiration for her knit along! I don't think I've ever inspired anything before (except maybe hate or disgust! ha!).

Go check out her knit along right now! It's a simple knit along for us sock knitters out there. It's called the Sock-A-Month Knit Along 2006. I've gotta get knitting so I can have an entry for January!

I'm going to try to get over to the Knit and Stitch Shoppe in West Vancouver tomorrow afternoon. I feel like I should go in there, because I've had 3 people recommend it to me in the last few days. Liz at the Knitting Meet Up, Noeleen (my sister-in-law), and the woman who interviewed me at the placement agency.

It's funny--- there's a tea shop in West Van that I also want to go to (it's called the Blue Teapot), and since I have to take the bus, I was hoping that the bus ride between these two shops wouldn't be too long. It turns out that they are in the same block! YAY! I love it when I have good luck like that.

The reason that I can't say for sure that I'm going to go over to West Van tomorrow is that I have a job interview tomorrow morning (for those who have been following, it's the one I thought might be today). I'm actually really excited! Wish me luck!


Karen said...

Best of luck on your interview tomorrow. I'm sure it will go great - all your bad luck has obviously been poured into you poor Jaywalker (which was beautiful btw, if only it had fit). Don't worry, the interview will go well and your new Jaywalker will just fly!!

ariane said...

Your Jaywalkers look super fab! I started them quite a few times and adventually gave up.

Good Luck.

Cutie said...

Hi chrissy, do think this easy enough for someone who has never knitted a sock? I think I might try these... let me know...

Thanks! Emms