Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Has It Been A Week Already?

Time sure flies. I haven't been getting nearly as much knitting done as I would like. There's been way too much school stuff to do. Good news though, I have lots of pics.

Last week, Stu and I went to Wool and Wicker in Steveston, ok, so the real purpose of going to Steveston was for lunch, but I spent more time with yarn than with food. I'm going to have to give Wool and Wicker a thumbs down. Apart from the fact that they're a bit of a distance away, their yarn organization sucks! They've got it all done by color, and it is impossible to find more than one or two balls of anything. And I don't think I'm abnormal, but I don't shop for yarn by color. I shop by brand, then color. It was just too overwhelming, and I found it really frustrating.

When I looked for a bit and couldn't find any Fleece Artist sock kits, I asked the shopkeeper, and she didn't have any idea what I was talking about at first. Then, under a bunch of other stuff, they had a few colors, all ugly. Then she proceeded to go behind the counter and pull out a beat up bag of Fleece Artist merino that was left over from other projects, saying "I think this might be enough for two socks" or " you could just edge it with this". This was a clashing, even uglier color. Oh GOD!!!! Save me from this Fleece Artist deficit hell!!!!! All stores are supposed to be getting more soon. And I still have a bunch, so I don't know what I'm complaining about.

Then I asked her if she sold ball winders, and she said yes, but wasn't sure if there were any left. She led me into the next room and showed me a swift, but proceeded to call it a ball winder. Then she was like, wait a sec, this is a swift, we don't have any ball winders left. Argh...
She said they were very hard to find, and that her supplier didn't have any left, so she had to find a new supplier, but she could take my number for when she did get some in, in the distant future.

We left and I called Birkeland Bros. on the way home. I figured they might have them, because they're quite utilitarian. This was on Wednesday, and they said they would have them on Friday by the latest. I went in on Friday, and they had just received them!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you why I needed the ball winder, etc. I did end up buying a Favorite Sock or Mitt kit (Fleece Artist of Course), actually I bought 2. Blue and red. But Wool and Wicker didn't have a ball winder for me to use.

I started on the red Favorite Sock kit sock this afternoon, and spent about an hour on it, and I've already (barely) started the heel flap. I highly recommend this kit for a beautiful, soft, fast knit. I will be knitting many many more of these! Beautiful!

Cashmere hat is doing well. Stu kindly untangled the huge mess of cashmere, without even complaining, even though it took about 2hrs, and he missed part of The Simpsons for it. So, now it's in a ball that it totally perfect. I've been working away on it whenever I get a free moment, and it's also a quick knit.

I have a confession to make. I hate ribbing. I like how it looks, but I absolutely without a doubt, hate creating it!! It drives me batty. It's not like I make mistakes, or find it difficult, I just don't like it.

Excuse the bad pic, but it portrays my day very well ------->>>>

As for today, I spent the day working on an abnormal psychology paper. ALL DAY!!! Not fun... I did snap some pictures to snap my mood. I still have a bit more to do, but I'm doing this blogging thing for now. I do have to finish it before House starts at 9pm, so I should wrap up. I will be blogging more often, hopefully.

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